Patty Brisben
Founder Patty Brisben

“Our goal is to shed light on the issues and challenges women face regarding their sexuality, while always providing women with a safe, fun, and informative platform to ask questions and learn more about their intimate lives.”
Patty Brisben


Pure Romance:
Empower. Educate. Entertain.

Pure Romance is one of the nation’s leading and fastest-growing woman-to-woman direct sellers of relationship enhancement products. Its premiere line of products is marketed through a distinctive network of in-home parties organized by more than 100,000 specially trained or certified independent sales Consultants throughout the United States, Australia, Puerto Rico, and South Africa.

All Pure Romance Consultants have a unique opportunity to create a personal path to financial freedom, while supporting issues near and dear to their hearts. Whether selling serves as a means to better provide for her family, continue her education, or to earn some extra money in these challenging times, championing economic empowerment is one of the fundamental principles of the Pure Romance business. As part of her Pure Romance journey, every Consultant receives continual training and support from the company, as well as from her fellow Consultants at every step of the way. She thus becomes an integral part of an extraordinarily nurturing and encouraging network of Pure Romance friends and family.

But there is much more to Pure Romance than parties and paychecks. This family-run company works proactively to support its founding mission—that women should have access to safe products, as well as to sexual health education and resources in their communities. Toward these very important goals, Pure Romance has made great strides in raising the level of sexual health awareness through several ventures including its own Sensuality, Sexuality, Survival initiative (a breast cancer programme created by its Sexual Health Education Department), and through more collaborative research studies with the prestigious Kinsey Institute at Indiana University.

Launched in 2006, the Patty Brisben Foundation for Women’s Sexual Health (named after Pure Romance Founder and Chairwoman Patty Brisben) is a non-profit organization that focuses exclusively on important causes for women including intimacy after cancer, libido, pain disorders, and menopause. The foundation’s vision is to improve overall health services for women through education, research, and community outreach. Through its charitable arm, Pure Romance continues its commitment to giving back to women and serving to improve their overall quality of life, all over again.