Meet the Team

Each day, more than 100 employees arrive at the Pure Romance Offices in Loveland, Ohio, focused on providing support for our thousands of Consultants in the field. Whether packing and shipping the latest order, answering questions over the phone, planning the next Empowerment Summit, or brainstorming exciting names for new products, this is the team that works 9 to 5 so our Consultants don’t have to. Here’s a bit more about the key players at Pure Romance working to help Consultants live their dreams.


Heather Snell
Director of Marketing and Communications

Heather Snell has worked in a variety of roles over her 5 years at Pure Romance. As knowledgeable about the Pure Romance business as they come, she specialises in being the resident tech expert in the Communications Department. Heather has helped develop and maintain online content and emails for both internal and external communications.  Her experience working in several different departments allows her to work both strategically as well as creatively!  Heather loves taking a hands-on approach to exploring a new programme or system and finding the best way to communicate it effectively and accurately.