Meet the Team

Each day, more than 100 employees arrive at the Pure Romance Offices in Loveland, Ohio, focused on providing support for our thousands of Consultants in the field. Whether packing and shipping the latest order, answering questions over the phone, planning the next Empowerment Summit, or brainstorming exciting names for new products, this is the team that works 9 to 5 so our Consultants don’t have to. Here’s a bit more about the key players at Pure Romance working to help Consultants live their dreams.


Matt Brisben
Purchasing Manager

Patty's youngest son, Matt, oversees a critical part of Pure Romance's day-to-day operations: our product. With a reputation for having the highest quality products, best tasting flavours, and innovative relationship-enhancement aids, his job is no small feat! Matt’s daily responsibilities include monitoring product trends and inventory so we can best anticipate the needs of our Consultants and consumers. Whether negotiating the lowest prices with our vendors or forecasting upcoming demands, Matt is constantly busy making calls and delving into spreadsheets. Matt welcomes the challenge of finding new ways to maximise the Pure Romance business and our merchandise line, including traveling for product selection and purchasing trips.