Our History

When Pure Romance Founder and Chairwoman Patty Brisben first decided to become a consultant selling bedroom accessories, she had never seen one before. She had no idea at the time that her decision would lead to a lifetime of helping women empower themselves, or to her running a multi-million-dollar corporation.


From Basement Business to Household Name

In 1983, Patty Brisben was inspired by a segment on a daytime talk show which featured women working as in-home direct sales Consultants selling intimacy aides and empowering others, both in and out of the bedroom. Right then, this single mother of four made a promise to get involved in order to make more time for her children, and to improve the overall quality of their lives. Her immediate success was so apparent that after just one year, she quit her job as a medical assistant to pursue her newfound passion as a full-time consultant.

Following ten highly productive years as a top sales earner, the company she worked for folded, so Patty became determined to leverage her success and apply it toward her own new venture. She took $5,000 (US dollars) out of the bank and enlisted the support of 55 Consultants to launch Slumber Parties from her home basement. The company experienced explosive growth over the next few years, and soon led the industry in relationship enhancement specialisation. It also became a potent resource for women who wanted to take responsibility for their financial means, their sexuality, or both. Today, that company is called Pure Romance.

In the early days of Pure Romance, Patty laid the cornerstone for its success by demonstrating a commitment to producing high-quality products and breaking down negative stereotypes about women’s sexual health awareness and education through the promotion of a fun, clean, and classy corporate image. In 2000, she recruited her eldest son, Chris Cicchinelli, to join the organisation and run its day-to-day operations. Together, Patty and Chris developed an exciting new plan to take the brand on the road and to higher levels. Through a nationwide grassroots campaign, they traveled the country spreading the Pure Romance mission, entertaining, educating, and empowering women everywhere.

Eighteen years later, the Loveland, Ohio-based Pure Romance is a multi-million-dollar business and is in more than 260 markets, making it one of the industry’s foremost in-home direct selling companies and a leading resource for women’s sexual health issues. Pure Romance invests in ongoing training for its Consultants, as well as in continuous research studies and advocacy. As for Patty, she still travels with Chris, spreading the Pure Romance word, and today, all four of her children hold key positions within the organisation including CEO and President, Chris Cicchinelli; Marketing Coordinator, Nick Cicchinelli; Purchasing Manager, Matthew Brisben; and Consultant, Lauren Brisben.