Sensuality, Sexuality, Survival!

Pure Romance’s SSS program has helped thousands of women who have undergone cancer diagnosis and treatment understand and overcome the effects that cancer can have on sexuality.  The rigorous certification process assures that SSS Consultants have the knowledge and the sensitivity to work with this special population.  Our certified SSS Consultants participate in fundraisers, awareness events and special presentations about cancer and sexuality.  If you would like a Certified SSS Consultant to help you with an event, please e-mail [email protected].

Sensuality, Sexuality, Survival!


Patty Brisben, Founder and Chairwoman of Pure Romance, had a Consultant contact her a few years ago and tell her how much Pure Romance meant to her. During the time she was fighting to survive cancer – she told Patty that Pure Romance was giving her the strength and motivation to keep fighting the disease. Patty was overwhelmingly touched by her story but even more so by her spirit.

Convention was right around the corner and Patty was looking forward to spending a little one-on-one time with the Consultant. Unfortunately, she did not get that chance; just a few days before convention, the Consultant passed away.

As soon as Patty heard the news, she felt an overwhelming sense of emptiness – Patty had taken that time for granted and now she would never be able to tell the Consultant how much her words meant to Patty or how proud she was of her and her resolve to fight this terrible disease. In the back of Patty’s mind she never thought that cancer would take her life - that it could happen to someone she knew, someone she cared about.

From then on, Patty vowed to never take time with others for granted ever again. In tribute to her friend, she decided to put forth a committed effort to make a difference in the lives of women fighting cancer –to help them regain their spirit and have a quality of life which they may have lost sight of during the course of their illness.


The SSS program has a mission to help women recapture their sensual and sexual selves through education, empowerment, and safe product offerings designed specifically for women following cancer diagnosis and treatment.
Our Certified Pure Romance Consultants have embraced the opportunity to enhance the lives of women touched by cancer. It is unfortunate that many women are not aware of all the side effects of their breast cancer treatments and how to overcome them. With the help of our educational materials, products, and resources, our Consultants will be able to provide these women with the confidence they need to improve the quality of their sexual health.

Certified SSS Consultants pledge to offer safe products to enhance women’s sexual experiences and raise public awareness on intimacy and sexual challenges faced by women with cancer.   Consultants will provide an ongoing support network for women and their partners following cancer diagnosis and treatment. To see our list of SSS Certified consultants through out the country, please click here!


The Pure Romance product line includes safe and effective products for women before, during and after cancer treatments. With the color, odor and flavoring removed from some of our top selling lubricants and arousal creams, women have a safe alternative when they are the most sensitive.  Pure Romance’s exclusive vaginal health products help women renew and restore their sexuality following cancer diagnosis and treatment.

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